Sunday, September 25, 2011

Take Screen Shots More easily via Schrimfoto-Screen Capture Software

If you are blogger you might often need to test some applications and need to take screen shots of different applications, it might be a hectic thing to press every time print screen and take screen shot of an application and again need to edit with an editor like height width etc..

To overcome this problem Abelssoft provides a free screen shot software tool Scrimfoto, which makes easy to take screen shot of any application in one click.


Schrimfoto installs a screen shot button near by minimize window button, which helps to take screen shot of any application easily.

Schrimfoto Screenshot

So if you want take screen shot, just click on screen shot button near by minimize window button as shown above picture, which will take screen shot of the particular application and takes to scrimfoto editor where you can export in different formats.


Main Features

  • Using Schrimfoto editor you can save in different formats like Picture, PDF, XLS etc..
  • Allows to edit width, height using scaling and pixels as normal picture editor.
  • You can print directly from Schrimfoto editor.

Note : It requires unlock code to activate the software product, while installing it  will ask for Email, First name and Last name  to provide unlock code, which will be delivered to your email account.


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