Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Backup Drivers in your PC-Backup Drivers

Everyday we use our PC or Laptop for multipurpose works like documentation, programming, billing etc.. But everyday we never think about drivers which acts as a interface between hardware and the operating system.

For instance if you are installing or doing any changes in system, which affects your system drivers and finally the most important hardware (eg: Printer) is not working which affects your business. Here we like to share how to backup your drivers easily within few minutes in Windows operating system. We are going to discuss about two methods to take backup of the drivers using software and  manual backup.

1. Using Software

If you are not technically good about taking backup of drivers, then you can use software’s which is available at the free of cost. We recommend double driver a free software utility which helps to backup your drivers and restore back if there is any problem with drivers.

Double Driver

Download Double driver software utility

1. Double driver doesn’t requires installation just unzip and run the application.
2. it will show the window and now click backup which shows option like scan current system, scan other system.
3. Click on scan on current system which shows the list of drivers available in the machine.
4. Now click on select all from the top menu, which selects all the drivers. You can also exclude Microsoft drivers from the menu.
5. If you face any problem with drivers, you can restore it by clicking on restore option present in the menu.


2. Manual Backup

Manual backup also is very easy, doesn’t requires much of technical knowledge. Just navigate to C:WindowsSystem32drivers in your windows operating system and copy the drivers folders completely to a different location.

System Drivers

(Note : if you have installed windows operating system in any other drive, go to run prompt and type drivers which will open windows drivers folder).

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