Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Find System Information in Windows-Find System Information

I hope finding system information is well known to all, but still i like to post in brief regarding finding system information for windows operating system in different ways.

You can find system information in three different ways

1. My Computer :  By right clicking on My Computer in your desktop or in Start menu and select properties, where you can find basic system information like system name, physical memory, operating system name version and hardware devices etc..

2. Command Prompt : By using command prompt you can find complete information of system. To find out information Open command prompt (Start–>Run enter cmd ) Enter systeminfo in the prompt which will display complete information of the system from when it is installed.

Windows System Information

3. Using System Tools : By using system tools you can find out complete system information according to categories. To find out using system tools Start—>Accessories—>System tools—>System Information.

Update : Alternatively you can also type “MSINFO32″ in Start–>Run which shows System Information.

Note :

To find out multimedia information instantly (Start — > Run) enter dxdiag which opens DirectX Diagonstic tool and displays Multimedia information’s like display, sound etc..

Direct X Diagnostic tool 

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