Monday, September 26, 2011

System Rescue CD - Reclaim Your PC

System Rescue CD uses for emergency & maintenance tasks, It contains alot of advanced programs and functions for repair the hard disk, recover windows and all Maintenance missions, also it contains network lan and Ethernet drivers for internet connection, In addition to set of sata driver. Compatible with all windows systems.

Features and Functions
  • Live System WinPE run from CD directly (Bootable)
  • Remove Viruses, malware, Hack tools, and Worms .
  • Files and Folders management
  • Recover System Boot
  • Recover lost and corrupted files
  • Remote assistants tools
  • Make reports for system and programs errors
  • Manage system updates
  • Recover Windows Password
  • Detailed analysis of the causes of death screen (Blue Screen)
  • Edit system registry
  • Recover boot sector for hard disk
  • Fix Bad Sectors
  • Restore system
  • Restore System from Backup Images
  • Full hard disk management
  • Restore hard disk to factory settings
  • Seven Recovery Environment
  • MSDaRT Tools    

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