Wednesday, June 07, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Depression - Concrete Theory

We find many articles online about how to get rid of Depression which are abstract and not specific.So I am writing this post which is Concrete and Specific.

Now & Then it is quite common for us to lose hope and confidence and to get lost in nothingness because of our urban lifestyle, globalization, staying away from home & family, availability of no one to share our feelings and Breakups  or a series of unfortunate events, these all lead to emotional imbalance, stress & insomnia which on a long term leads to Depression.

Being in depression, we cannot think how normal we used to be once, we might even forget how happy, successful we were but once in a while we want to fight it desperately and want to become normal again then we start to search & ask how to get over Depression. We want to re-discover the older,  happier & successful versions of us but all we get is abstract techniques & vague suggestions to become busy, occupied, talk to someone we like , watch movies, meditate, play a sport and practice yoga. We try all of those and find those all help until we are occupied with them after coming out of those activities and return to our daily routine everything comes to normal again, Depression posses us again, some give up at this stage but some digs deep.

Here I strongly believe even the cause of this depression was from outside stimuli and no matter how hard we try to get rid this Depression by thinking, consoling and feeding our mind with reasons to get over it but we can`t because it is being caused by the biological chemical changes in our brain and something should be done which acts on this chemical process and corrects it. At this stage we go see a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist. In-addition to the aforementioned abstract & vague suggestions  doc prescribes Medicines.

This is the crucial stage, the doc prescribes Anti-Depressants like ZOLOFT, PROZAC, ELAVIL etc., which works like a charm by increasing the levels of Dopamine and Serotonin but when the course is over and when we stop using them then the real thing starts, we become more depressive and suicidal tendency increases and this is where some commit SUICIDE. Because the meds do not work on the root cause of the issue.

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I went through all of this S***!. But everything changed when I used the natural Anti-Depressant. ASHWAGANDHA which is extracted from the roots of Withania somnifera. I had no hope that it could cure Depression but miraculously it worked like a charm. I took two pills a day before breakfast and after dinner for two months. Everything came back to normal. Ashwagandha worked without side-effects and I felt normal after discontinued using it. In addition to this I would recommend some Add-ons which are the following

  • Stay away from people, places, things which makes you sad.
  • Always be busy
  • Never lose hope
  • Play a sport
  • Believe that everyone is unique and drop comparing.

>>>>> Nothing is lost until hope is Lost <<<<<

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