Sunday, January 20, 2013


Whenever we want to do some typical calculations like Scientific, Statistical and Programmatic calculations and some sort of Unit Conversions, Date & mileage calculations we rely on some sort of apps or software (or) on the internet for which we need to download nor we should have an internet connection and many of us don`t know that we can use the built-in calculator in our PC (windows) which have all the above features.

Let`s have a look…….

This the Built-In calculator (in windows OS) we can use all
the above mentioned features like:-

1.  Scientific calculations
2.  Statistical calculations
3.  Programmatic calculations(hex)
4.  Unit conversions
5.  Date calculations
6.Worksheets(mortgage,fuel economy calculations)

==To use the Built-in calculator`s features==
Open calculator->view->select features as depicted below

Scientific calculations
Statistical calculations
Programmatic calculations (hex)
Unit conversions
Date calculations
Worksheets(Mortgage,Fuel economy Calculations)

Note: Tested in windows 7 Ultimate only (I think it will be like this in earlier windows operating (like xp,vista) systems & later)

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