Sunday, October 16, 2011

Windows 8 shortcut key-Windows 8

The Windows Metro interface is primarily designed for touch screens, but it does also support most of the old Windows key shortcuts, many of which are now more useful than ever.

Win + C : displays the "Charms": the Settings, Devices, Share and Search options

Win + D : launches the desktop

Win + E : launches Explorer

Win + F : opens Search

Win + I : opens Settings

Win + L : locks your PC

Win + P : switch your display to a second display or projector

Win + R : opens the Run box

Win + U : open the Ease of Access Centre

Win + W : search your system settings (type POWER for links to all power-related options, say)

Win + Z : displays the right-click context menu when in a full-screen Metro app

Win + + : zoom in

Win + - : zoom out

Win + Tab : switch between running apps

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