Thursday, October 13, 2011

Windows 8 FEATURES

Windows 8 Lock Display screen
Windows 8 includes a fresh look and feel prior to the display is unlocked. In the beginning, you will see notifications, upcoming calendar trips, plus a photo your own preference. To discover the screen, you can use a typical pass word, or draw a pattern (the one that you outline) for the photo.

Just like the lookup function in Windows Phone "Mango," Windows 8's lookup function shows a list of applications that narrows down as you type. You can also seek out within specific programs, or try to look for configuration settings and files.

Control Panel
The Windows 8 desktop computer Cpanel is still a labyrinthine maze of obscure possibilities simply because it needs to be, although the portable facet is removed down to basic fundamentals. Described right here are some of fairly beneficial steps: a total manufacturer reset to zero along with a "Refresh," which maintains programs and data while re-installing the core computer system.

Key-board and Punctuation Modification
The Windows 8 touch key-board is clean and spacious, and it has a formatting choice for thumb typing. Punctuation correction and autocomplete are made in to the operating system, in addition to customers can complete suggested words simply by hitting 'Insert'.

Computer File Browsing
The tablet section of Windows 8 features a data file browser, but it seems to be only when summoned by programs that want it. Here, a Twitter individual uses the data file browser to select pictures for any tweet.

Side-by-Side Applications
In Windows 8, a pair of "Metro-style applications" produced for your operating-system can easily run side-by-side within the same window. To be able to multitask this way, the user need to move a finger from the left bezel to have out an extra practical application, and be able to hold the app over the computer screen up until the divided view appears.

Windows 8 may simplify password usage across the board. Windows 8 may include a security feature that will store user names and passwords for a number of websites, making it easy to log in to all of your favorite sites quickly and securely. This is a great advantage for many users who have a difficult time remembering passwords for multiple websites or who fear getting hacked.

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