Friday, October 14, 2011


Fresh RAM 5.0.0

The physical memory is among the most important things in a computer system. Keeping the system's physical memory allocated only for the tasks that are actually needed doesn't always happen because some computer programs sometimes come with bugs that prevent the software from releasing the RAM when it is no longer needed.

By optimizing the ways in which your system and applications are utilizing memory, Fresh RAM can boost your computer’s performance, response time and stability helping you avoid the costly expense of hardware upgrades.
Underneath Fresh RAM's friendly and intuitive user interface lies an engine of complex memory analysis algorithms which allow you to balance speed and effectiveness. Stuttering movies, video games turning into slideshows and applications loading like molasses will be a thing of the past.


- Choose between four different RAM Optimization Algorythims

- Automatically optimize RAM depending on the levels of RAM and CPU Usage

- Automatically optimize RAM depending on the Battery Power Levels and Charging Status

- Advanced Tweaks and Optimizations for Microsoft Windows© XP

- CPU Usage Monitoring

- Memory Usage Monitoring

- Advanced Memory Usage Analyzer

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